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Touring Ghana with Cula Travel and Tour is the sort of tour that have a lasting impact on visitors. On a customized tour, planned to your exacting specifications by our Destination Experts, you’ll quickly discover why Ghana is unlike any other country in Africa.


Visit Ghana explore Elmina Castle, search for giant pangolins and forest elephants in Kakum National Park and have the opportunity to receive your own traditional African clan name from a village chief in Kumasi. The best part is that you’ll explore the country completely on your own schedule all the while taking comfort in the fact that each Cula Travel and Tour experience includes round-the-clock travel support.

Includes Canopy Walkway

Kakum National Park

Kakum national park’s most well known feature is its 333 meter long canopy walkway, suspended from more than 300 year old rain forest trees. Some are up to 27 meters (12 stories) above the forest floor. The view is breath-taking 

So Many Places To Explore In Ghana

Visitors to Ghana are greeted by the warmest smiles, open arms and a buzzy, colourful energy. You can explore many of the country’s highlights with ease.

Kakum National Park

Ghana is a biodiverse place which has some unique species of plants and animals and certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Ghana. Kakum national park is a place that one needs to go for visiting the rainforests of Ghana. It is stretched over an extensive part of southern Ghana. One can see buffalos, meerkats, civets, elephants and several species of birds when they are at this place. The Canopy Walkway is a key part of the national park and pulls a lot of tourists. People should definitely take guided tours to have a complete idea of the place.

Lake Bosumtwe

The only natural lake in Ashanti and Ghana, Lake Bosumtwe was formed when a large meteorite had hit this place a long while ago. The lake is considered sacred by the Ashanti people who believe that people’s spirits come here after death so that they can say goodbye to the God Twi. Other than being a pilgrimage site, Lake Bosumtwe is a great spot for adventure. Almost 90 meters deep, the lake makes for an excellent destination for relaxing, hiking, trekking, picnicking, horseback riding, biking, and indulging in water sports.

Paga Crocodile Pond

Most of us do not know much about crocodiles as they either scare us or we do not want to meet them. But this sanctuary is made for hosting the crocodiles and the enthusiasts can see many of them over here. The crocodiles residing over here are actually very friendly towards the humans that visit them. Tourists can feed the crocodiles and get up-close-and-personal with them. This place respects and honors their crocodiles and is dead against hurting any of them. Guides are always present to break tourists unnecessary fear of crocodiles.

St. George’s Castle

Whenever you are close to an ocean, fishing is one of the main forms of occupation that exist among people. Just like that Elmina in Ghana is a fishing town which has the historical St. George’s Castle. It is one of the very few historical places in Ghana that you shouldn’t miss from visiting. The castle has whitewashed walls and it was built in 1482 by the Portuguese. It had a dark history because of its association to the slave trade and they were housed in the dungeons that visitors can still see today. While visiting the castle one should also explore the picturesque town and talk to some guides who will explain them the actual history of the place.

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